Friday, 24 September 2010

My first blog

Finally copied over my main character with pre-purchased glyphs, installed them on the pre-made rogue and wow, what a blast!  The damage to survivability ratio clearly favors burst classes with powerful of cooldowns, and I don't think I have felt this strong since double AR days wth 125% hemo!

I played the pre-made rogue so I could be on even ground or even a handicap against others there, and I still did incredible damage.  Agility giving two attack power is a huge buff to our class and really helps subtlety out.  I had 5500 attack power, 900 resilience and 50% crit with premade gear, and I really feel subtlety's scalability will be good for the long haul.  We get incredible talents from 80-85's five extra talent points.  +30% crit chance to our primary attack in backstab, +20% to healing effects and 15% movement speed, we will probably gain more than any other class in this span.

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  1. Man, I just got out of that. Too much skewls to have enough free time to learn to pvp on my new drood.