Sunday, 3 October 2010


Just home after a very messy night.

Things that were learnt:
Asda price Rum is the worst drink on earth.
Giant balloons in clubs are fun.
Man trains are fun.
Buckfast isn't as horrible as I remember.

Could really use a pint but really can't be fucked moving.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Release day

Turns out that my PC is not good enough to handle FF14 in its current state. Sad times :/

Not sure of what to upgrade, assuming that I actually just need a new rig >.<

Would going for a second 8800GTX be worth my while?

Also recieved a nice email from square saying that their 24hour email support was limited to 9-5 mon-fri, good going guise.

On a better note I went bowling with some friends and actually won somehow :O

124 baby, fuck yeah!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Still not entirely decided on what character I will be going or even what race I am.

Just spent the whole day recovering from a messy night last night and playing dead rising 2.

Shit was so cash.

Went to asda to try pick up ff14 but the bawbags told me that I had to wait til tomorrow even though it was after 12pm.


Monday, 27 September 2010


Can't wait for the standard edition of FF14 to come out.

Not sure what class to go but thinking of going a midget Pugilist, they seem quite nifty.

Been browsing through to try and find out what server will be decent but not sure if they will be hardcore or not.

Any opinions leave a reply!

Friday, 24 September 2010

My first blog

Finally copied over my main character with pre-purchased glyphs, installed them on the pre-made rogue and wow, what a blast!  The damage to survivability ratio clearly favors burst classes with powerful of cooldowns, and I don't think I have felt this strong since double AR days wth 125% hemo!

I played the pre-made rogue so I could be on even ground or even a handicap against others there, and I still did incredible damage.  Agility giving two attack power is a huge buff to our class and really helps subtlety out.  I had 5500 attack power, 900 resilience and 50% crit with premade gear, and I really feel subtlety's scalability will be good for the long haul.  We get incredible talents from 80-85's five extra talent points.  +30% crit chance to our primary attack in backstab, +20% to healing effects and 15% movement speed, we will probably gain more than any other class in this span.